Mag Drive System

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About “Mag Drive System”

It is a new technology that combines drive assist and power generation functions that utilize the characteristics of magnets. It is possible to generate electricity without magnetoresistance by using the rotation of the pedal and wheel while riding, and to supply power to the motor while charging the power storage device via the board. It can also be used in combination with regenerative braking, which is a conventional power generation technology for electric mobility. With this invention, it is possible to generate electricity not only during deceleration but also during acceleration, which significantly improves energy efficiency as compared to existing electric mobility. The “Mag Drive System” is compatible with any type of bicycle and scooter up to 30km/h.

About “Smart E-bike”

It is a self-standing power-assisted bicycle that does not require external charging and is equipped with an autonomous unmanned driving function and the “Mag Drive System”. It generates electricity by using the rotation of the pedal while riding without magnetic resistance, and can supply power to the electric assist while also charging the battery. It is implemented with five stages of electric assist, and if you are riding inside the city in eco-mode the electric assist will continue semi-permanently without the need for external charging. In power-mode, a maximum of 250W of electric assist can be activated. With the exponential improvement of its power generating capacity, the battery has a capacity of 2.2Ah and its weight has been reduced to up to 1kg. The total weight, including the battery, is about 18 kg, and even if the battery is empty, you can just charge the battery while riding it as if it were a normal bicycle. It also functions as an emergency supply and storage of power in the event of a power outage.



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